Q: How much is the Registration fee?

A: There is no Conference fee for doctoral students.

Q: What is the deadline for paper/poster submission?

A: Deadline to submit the final FULL Paper or the FINAL Poster is 6th June, 2021 31st May, 2021 .

Q: Is there any limit of number of authors for poster or paper?

A: There is no maximum limit for authors/co-authors, but we encourage you to select 1 representative of the team for poster presentation on IDS and 1 or 2 representatives of the team for paper presentation on IDS conference.

Q: Should my paper/poster by written in English?

A: Yes, the common language of IDS is English. All the papers/posters must be submitted and presented in English.

Q: I am writing the doctoral thesis; can I submit it on IDS?

A: Yes, the topic of your thesis can be presented on IDS, but only as a Poster. If you want to submit the full paper, please note, that your work mustn´t be previously published or be in review process in some other journals or seminars or conferences in the same form.

Q: Is it possible to submit the paper/poster without coming to IDS conference in person?

A: No, you must participate on the International Doctoral Seminar in person. Posters/papers without the personal presentation on IDS will be excluded from the conference.

Q: Should I register before submission of the paper/poster?

A: No, please do not register for the conference before the submission of the paper/poster. Your paper/poster should firstly go through the review process described here. The conference registration will start after your final submission of papers authorized for publication, you can register latest on 10th September, 2021.

Q: Will be conference organized online or onsite?

A: We plan to organize the conference onsite in Slovak republic. We believe that the pandemic situation will be favorable. In case of any difficulties, we are ready to organize the online conference or combination of both.

Q: Where will be successful papers/posters published?

A: The posters can become part of the IDS Proceedings, but it is optional, if you want to publish it, you need to confirm it in your registration. We understand, that some of you are in progress with your scientific research and maybe you have the opportunity to publish in specific “current journals”, so it is on your choice to can submit the Poster on IDS without abstract being published in Proceedings.

The best full papers from IDS, can be published in international current science journals (free of charge, subject to review process), indexed in WOS-SCOPUS databases. More information about publication options is available on the IDS web site.